Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deacan and Santa Claus 2011

Deacan ran into Santa at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans!

He was the first one to sit in his lap after the Holiday Show on the Carnival Conquest ship. He was an adorable (and sleepy) reindeer on stage:)
That Santa sure does boogie all around the world!! He later brought Deacan everything on his list (a helicopter, a ship, and a puzzle-- along with a few extras). That Deacan is a very good boy!! :)

"I'm going to dream about you tonight, Mom"

Every night before Deacan falls asleep he says, " I'm going to dream about you, Mom".. Is that not the most precious thing ever? I have even prompted him to say more: " what are we going to be doing, riding a unicorn?", etc. And he always says, " No, I'm just going to dream about you"... How blessed I am!! That I would be worthy of his dreams.. It may sound cheesy, it may sound ridiculous, but for my son to want to dream of me is my dream come true...