Saturday, April 21, 2012

Family fun Saturday!! :)

What a nice way to spend a Saturday! Chloe, Kylee, and I played hot potato (a fav!). Deacan had fun wrestling and rough housing with Uncle Murf while we were doing more civilized (female) activities. haha!! We also played a little Hang Man before venturing outside for a fun game of kick ball-- lots of fun!! I was the resident pitcher (thanx, knees!). The ball got kicked over the fence a few times (always fun sneaking into the neighbor's yard- haha). I almost got blasted in the head with a kick from Uncle Murf (thanx, ducking skills- although I did attempt to catch it before I came to my senses!). The next kick nailed Deacan in the behind as he was digging up worms. Too funny!! I was actually crying from laughter at this point! Chloe and Kylee are both awesome kickers, too.
Afterwards, we went out to eat a yummy meal followed by TCBY (Yogurt Mountain style now). We all got a kick out of Deacan saying "real crab?" when I ordered his crab cakes. My, he is a quite a foodie for his wee age!! :)
We capped off the day with fun on the bikes, a heart to heart with Chloe, and a cartwheel/ flipping extravaganza. I wish every day was a Saturday. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crawfish Festival 2012

Lots of fun today at Crawfish Festival! Ate a few mud bugs, listened to a bit of music, and had fun people-watching. Note to self: next year hit the Butcher Shop burger stand a little earlier:). It was nice spending time with my FABULOUS aunt Natilee, too. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Egg*cellent Easter dinner w/ Family:)

Enjoying Easter with our family was so wonderful!! I do regret not taking pics of Aunt Nana and Grandmother Betty, though. :( I got so busy with the hustle and bustle, the photo ops were lost along the way. My apologies to you both! We are so grateful you both were here and please do not feel forgotten in this post. MUCH LOVE!!!!

We had a the family traditional meal of ham, potato salad, mac salad, bbq baked beans (with ground chuck), pistachio salad, corn, rolls, and of course, the bunny cake:) Thank you to Murf 4 making the yummy beans, Betty for the ham, Pops for the turkey, Natilee for the chardonnay:)
Deacan hid eggs for the grown-ups.. We are still missing the yellow egg. Guess we shall start to smell it soon! Haha:)
Here are a few Easter family shots we took:

And here is my handsome little man in his suit:

It was so nice to come together as a family and celebrate the gift Jesus has given us. A prayer was said, a communitive effort of great food was enjoyed, and spending time with our loved ones was appreciated. Most importantly, knowing that Christ died on the cross for our sins and as believers, we will forever be together- lightened my heart. What a beautiful ending to such a sad beginning...