Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Painting soulful art is not Expensive

     You do not a great deal of money to paint, nor to create a masterpiece.  My favorite painting I have done was done with a .50 piece of tile I found in an old apartment, along with a few choice colors of acrylic paint.  I also added a few river rocks (using a glue gun) for dimension.  Choose a photo that is worth replicating, preferably one nature ridden, as it is easy to embellish realistically. Select a photo that is dear to you and your soul,  just paint an outline, wash with a few prominent colors, and embellish the rest.  The work of art will be a treasure to you for a lifetime.  That is exactly how I feel about my "Searching the Sea" piece.  It may not be worth much to the average collector; yet I would not sell it in a million years.  Have fun and create a piece of yourself to last throughout the years!  Please send us a pic of your work:)

***acrylic paints cost as low as .50cents per tube***

***quick note about the piece above:  there used to be small pebbles glued to the bottom left, as well.  Through the years  and many moves they have fallen off.. Guess I should get a few more to glue on there!***

"Perfectionism is self-abuse to the highest order."--Anne Wilson Schaef

     So I embark on the journey of blogging.  My intentions are: securing a spot of sharing  crafting ideas, enlightening others spiritually, learning how to oil paint,  and laying a foundation for my son to see how far he has grown.  And all the while, I hope to learn along the way.  Maybe things like you are never to begin a sentence with the word 'and'.   I can only hope to put my "perfectionism" aside and enjoy the ride.  Want to ride shotgun?  :) 

*****My political feelings/ knowings are strictly put aside; along with other "non-related items" that are irrevelant to this page*****