Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Painting soulful art is not Expensive

     You do not a great deal of money to paint, nor to create a masterpiece.  My favorite painting I have done was done with a .50 piece of tile I found in an old apartment, along with a few choice colors of acrylic paint.  I also added a few river rocks (using a glue gun) for dimension.  Choose a photo that is worth replicating, preferably one nature ridden, as it is easy to embellish realistically. Select a photo that is dear to you and your soul,  just paint an outline, wash with a few prominent colors, and embellish the rest.  The work of art will be a treasure to you for a lifetime.  That is exactly how I feel about my "Searching the Sea" piece.  It may not be worth much to the average collector; yet I would not sell it in a million years.  Have fun and create a piece of yourself to last throughout the years!  Please send us a pic of your work:)

***acrylic paints cost as low as .50cents per tube***

***quick note about the piece above:  there used to be small pebbles glued to the bottom left, as well.  Through the years  and many moves they have fallen off.. Guess I should get a few more to glue on there!***


  1. I like the way you take time out of your busy life to imagine and create things. Most of us don't understand the importance of being creative as an adult. I wouldn't have thought about doing a painting on a tile; yours is really good. I also wouldn't have thought about making it 3D. Thanks for the good ideas!

  2. this "Searching the Sea" looks very impressive. It looks like it would be in an art gallery that alot of well dressed people holding wine glasses would be admiring. natilee

  3. To Natilee: they could hand me some cash and a glass of vino:) haha