Saturday, April 21, 2012

Family fun Saturday!! :)

What a nice way to spend a Saturday! Chloe, Kylee, and I played hot potato (a fav!). Deacan had fun wrestling and rough housing with Uncle Murf while we were doing more civilized (female) activities. haha!! We also played a little Hang Man before venturing outside for a fun game of kick ball-- lots of fun!! I was the resident pitcher (thanx, knees!). The ball got kicked over the fence a few times (always fun sneaking into the neighbor's yard- haha). I almost got blasted in the head with a kick from Uncle Murf (thanx, ducking skills- although I did attempt to catch it before I came to my senses!). The next kick nailed Deacan in the behind as he was digging up worms. Too funny!! I was actually crying from laughter at this point! Chloe and Kylee are both awesome kickers, too.
Afterwards, we went out to eat a yummy meal followed by TCBY (Yogurt Mountain style now). We all got a kick out of Deacan saying "real crab?" when I ordered his crab cakes. My, he is a quite a foodie for his wee age!! :)
We capped off the day with fun on the bikes, a heart to heart with Chloe, and a cartwheel/ flipping extravaganza. I wish every day was a Saturday. :)

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  1. Time goes by so fast. I can't believe my little cousins are getting so old!