Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Deacan!! My 5 yr old big boy!! :)

I can't believe my baby just turned 5 years old!!  Where does the time go?  Yikes!  Deacan had a super fun birthday party.. We were blessed to have lots of friends and family there with us to celebrate.  The kids (and a few grown-ups, including me) had lots of fun jumping and sliding on the inflatable equipment at Pump It Up..
Go, Go, Go!!

Pile Up on Aisle 7  !! :)
Uncle Murf had to join in the fun!

     We were so happy with Deacan's birthday cake -- absolutely perfect!!  We are big fans of Baskin Robbins icecream cakes but they didn't have any Scooby Doo layouts.  Fortunately they informed us that you can take any photo to Wal-Mart bakery and they will copy it to editable paper for about $6 per photo.  I found a neat pic on the internet, printed it, and took it to Wal-Mart.  Not even 10 minutes later, we had what we needed.  Yay!!  We took it back to Baskin Robbins, told them what we wanted, and they it was ready when we needed it.  We went for a larger size than the employees there suggested.  They recommended a half sheet for 15 kids.  I wanted to feed the parents, as well, and too not worry about the stress of extra guests not being fed.  We went with a full sheet and it was the perfect amount to feed all 22 kids, parents, and family members.  And when I say the PERFECT amount-- I am being literal.. There was one lone piece standing after all was said and done with the serving.. SWEET!! Mommy gets a piece!! And it was deeeee-lish!! :)

     I added the number 5 candle and we were ready for my baby's birthday wish!!
"Hmm, gotta think about this one!"

"May all your wishes come true, always"- Mommy

Then it was time to enjoy the cake, snack on some chips, and drink Capri-Suns!!
What a great photo of all of Deacan's sweet friends!!    

     Next order of business-- all of the presents!  Deacan got lots of fun gifts.  The opening of these presents was quite a process!!  We are so thankful for all the presents, but it was the presence that mattered more than anything..:)

     Thanks to everyone that made Deacan's birthday extra special!!  Family members (although not pictured)-- Aunt Natilee, Pops, Chlo-Bo, and friends-- we love you!  So glad you all were there..  Now, can time slow down a bit until my baby turns 6, please!  Happy birthday, D-Nanner!!  :)


  1. So glad Deacan had a great birthday! I know what you mean about time slowing down!!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I wish we could have gone. Time passing is unbelievable.