Thursday, July 12, 2012

***Swimming Lessons-- Deacan was a Star!! *****

Deacan was a participant in the Pre-K swimming lessons at the  YMCA Cordova this year.  He was way more advanced than most of his classmates but the YMCA goes by age only. His instructors did push him farther and he swam without this lifesaving backpack on the entire lesson.  AWESOME!!

He also learned boat safety, which is a great thing considering how much his mommy and daddy love water sports..

At the end of the class-- Deacan can swim about half of an average pools length in 5 feet.  Yay!!  His report card was all top marks and included the comment, " Deacan is the first student I've ever had to swim without his backpack the entire lesson.  He is going to be a great swimmer!"- signed Brennan:)

I am so proud of my baby's swimming, and more importantly, his listening skills and attention during the lessons.  Great job, Deacan!!  Mommy loves:)


  1. What an amazing boy. You done good, J.J.

  2. All of that before even turning five! Please make sure he remembers us when he becomes an Olympic superstar! Michael Phelps has nothing on him.