Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

     Well, the most exciting thing that happened this Christmas was that Deacan actually found a REAL jingle bell on the balcony!!  We left carrots and raw oatmeal outside, as usual.  This year was particularly special because a bell fell off a reindeer and Deac now has it!!  How awesome is that?  Here are a few photos to prove it:  Unfortunately, my computer is in need of a tune-up and the video will not upload (ANNOYING!).. But we do have a pic of the bell and a letter from Santa.. Totally admissible proof to the amazing wonders of Santa!  And I got my day planner in my stocking-- how in the world did he know just what I wanted?!?  Of course, we did not fail to recognize the true meaning of Christmas-- we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus!  Praise the Lord:)

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  1. Those are such cute pajamas!! People are going to see this and want to put that bell in a museum, but don't let them talk him into selling it no matter how much they offer.