Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wolf River fun-- Spring is here:)

Deacan and I have been enjoying  a well-kept secret other side of Shelby Farms.  On Saturdays, we have been hiking and enjoying what we call "our own private beach".  It is amazing that no one knows of this spot!  The best part about this spot is that is less than 5 minutes from our house.  Sweet!  We even made a sand casting today.  I will make a separate post on instructions on how to do it.  Here are some photos I took today:

This bridge is on the way to the "beach".  We named it "Little Green Foot".  Maybe it has Native American roots- haha!

   Deac was so happy to get to the water!
So, once we get there- he tells me he has to take his shirt off.  His exact words were, "Because that's how I roll".  I about died laughing!  He was so serious when he said it!  I said, "What?".  He replied, "Because that's how I roll when I'm by the water".  Too funny!  Guess he picked that line up from Mommy.  Because that's how I roll.  :)
In these photos the water looks quite dirty.. It is actually really clear.  We have lots of fun combing for pretty rocks..
Deacan even found a mussel shell last time we were here.  A few other photos a took today:
I love how we have this place all to ourselves.  Grandmother Betty says it is too dangerous.. I say it is worth the very small risk.. We have so much fun!  Deac even went skinny-dipping for awhile today.  It was hilarious!
He also loves finding me small treasures in the water:

We also made our very first sand casting today to hang on our wall:

What a fun couple of hours at "our own private beach".  I wish we were at real beach complete with crashing waves and seashells.  But the fact that I have my favorite little boy in the world with me at a not so ideal beach is good enough for me.  Just having Deacan with me anywhere makes my life PERFECT.  :)

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  1. It is amazing that you have this little gem all to yourself. Deacan is such a nut. so cute.