Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun at the Childrens' Museum!!

The Memphis Childrens' Museum is so much fun (and air-conditioned)!! We enjoyed all attractions and exhibits they had to offer. Mommy really liked the weather emporium which had very realistic sounds and features. Way cool!! Deacan's favorite was probably the water play and the "hamster cage climb" (unofficial name of said attraction. haha:)

Our only complaint is there is no food available past 2pm (whatsoever). We were a bit hungry come 5:00 so this hastened our visit a bit. Before 2:00, they do have a Lenny's Sub Shop, so I advise either eating then or bringing a lunch.
All in all, the Children's Museum offers fun for all ages. I also left learning a little something:) The honeybee exhibit was also a highlight and very informative. Did you know bees never sleep?

"We love Science!!!"

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  1. We liked the grocery store most of all and reshopped at least ten times. The lack of food in the afternoon is annoying especially after seeing all of that fake food in the grocery store. It is neat to be able to wander around and go back to things over and over again. We didn't see that science experiment part, but it looks fun.