Friday, August 5, 2011

Deacan's 4th Birthday!! 2011

My baby just turned 4!! Yes, I did say "baby" and yes, I still rock him every morning and sing him the song I created while he was a newborn.. :) Deacan had a wonderful birthday WEEK. We began with Mommy taking off work and no school on the Special Day. We met Papa at Chuck E. Cheese. Always a place of preference for D-nanner (there I go again with the "baby" names!)..

A mean game of air hockey with Papa---Guess who won???

"Aww, man!! I thought you were a real giant mouse.. Where is Stuart Little, then?"

After our Chuck E. Cheese rendezvous, we went to another one of Deacan's favorite places: the library.

Then we went home and made bugs with a kit our best buddies (Robert & Todd) gave him for his bday earlier this week..

What a fun birthday!!! Post of the actual bday party coming soon.. :)


  1. You can't go wrong when old Chuck E. Cheese is involved. I like the picture of him looking at his cake like he is a mathematician trying to solve a huge problem.

  2. I agree with you Audra, another picture for my photo wall. JJ, you really have a talent for getting the good shots.