Saturday, February 18, 2012

January's Bucket List

Yes, Deacan's bucket is quite full in this photo. Yes, he poured it out somewhere only to fill it once again. I hope his "bucket" is continuously filled throughout his precious life on this Earth. In the meantime, Mommy has a "bucket" also. I am creating this list in hopes to get a better grasp (and perhaps actually do) the things on my Bucket List, so to speak. Some things are small; others are vast. God willing, I will be blessed to accomplish them all!! I hope to report back with a few things to cross off the ole' "bucket list" and have so much fun doing it all along the way.. :)

***Start consistently brushing Deacan's teeth at night.
***Visit New Orleans with Aunt Natilee.
***Take Deacan to St. Louis City Museum.
***Truly reach more children at Hope.
***Finish Mom's memory book.
***Do the Urban Plunge via Hope.
***Finish school/ teach Special Ed.
***Learn how to cook Vietnamese food.
***Visit Hawaii or Jamaica.
***Paint 5 paintings that are somewhat decent.
***Assemble a family reunion (Dad's side).

Okay, so that was pretty easy. I even threw in few "easily done but I probably never would have actually done if it wasn't for this list" ones (hence, the family reunion!). Making this list has inspired me enough to make a few calls tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, I can cross something off my bucket list:)


  1. I brushed Deacan's teeth tonight. This bucket list thing is working! I even told him, " We need to brush your teeth; it's on my bucket list". He failed to ask what the heck that meant. haha

  2. Mom's memory book is almost finished! :) :(

  3. Thank you for this inspirational post. This is the sort of thing that really helps people in the internet world.I defiantly want to see the memory book. You are already doing so many things that go beyond most people's idea of a bucket list. I noticed that most if not all of your list is things that benefit others' lives more than your own; being that giving of a person is an accomplishment itself.

  4. aww, Audra!! You are too sweet! And I now shall add "Go to Brighton soon" to that list:)