Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Merry Little Cruise*mas!!! So wonderful!!

Oh my goodness-- I have fallen so far behind on this blogging gig!! It is now 2 months later but thank goodness the photos have survived:) We took a holiday cruise with Grandmother Betty to the Western Caribbean-- so much fun!! And a much needed vacation for Mommy. Here are some photos of our Merry Little Cruise*Mas!!

Our ship was the one on the right of this photo, the Carnival Conquest. So much to see and do upon the ship, complete with extravagant decor, show rooms, buffets, and even a casino. Mommy really enjoyed her spa day:) We all loved the water slide and hot tubs:) The comedy show was also a lot of fun-- although one guest thought Deacan's hysterical laughing was even funnier than the act!! :)

Our first port was Costa Maya, Mexico. Deacan went to "Camp Carnival" that day. Grandma tried to learn the layout of the ship. Momma went shopping for Christmas gifts, enjoyed a rita on the beach, and caught her breath for a moment. :)
You better Belize it!!
Mommy went snorkeling while in Belize, complete with a rum boat party and a beach trip to Barrister Island. Kayaking the Caribbean solo is definitely a high light of her entire life-- such a powerful awareness of self, strength, and courage. God's beauty also not unnoticed:)

"It's fun to stay at the YYYY-M-C-AAAAAAAAA !!!!"

Okay, now that Mommy has had her fun, let's take a trip to Cozumel. We went to Chankanaab Nature Park. Deacan loved crabbing with a friend, Madelyn. He also became quite fond of a found coconut, carrying it and burying it over the course of about 3 hours:) We all enjoyed drinks served in fresh coconuts-- so yummy and festive!!:)

Denote the gigantic floaties Deacan is wearing!! I entered a Mexican drug store and asked if they had floaties. The employee looked at me as if I was insane for asking such a question. That is when I noticed all of the Viagra, Xanax, etc amongst the store. Oh, this is a DRUG store!! How silly of me to think you would have other items. Stupid American!! :) I ended up finding a pair in a souvenir shop..

We definitely had a "merry little Cuise*mas"!! On the train ride home (Christmas Eve) we had fun playing a "name that Christmas drawing" game and eating lots of potatoes (the dinner cart was out of pretty much every thing else, other than chicken tenders).. We were able to get a big laugh out of our "potato feast"! hahaha We were all happy to arrive in Memphis but we all can't wait to take another vacation!! :)


  1. LOVE all the pictures!! I am glad you had so much fun!

  2. Deacan is doing so many memorable things in his childhood, and he is learning so much from these experiences also. You are young at heart which goes a long way toward helping Deacan lead a creative, fun, and adventurous life.