Saturday, May 12, 2012

Closet Mayhem!! Wow!!

So, I've been putting off organizing my closets for awhile and throwing items on the floor at random. I decided to blog this to give myself accountability and incentive to actually fight this BEAST! When you see the photos, you will understand why this is understandably called "the beast". It is actually quite embarrassing! That being said, here is a photo of my closet at 2:00 today:
Wow! What a mess!! I took everything that was on my closet floors and moved it to my bedroom floor. What a pretty sight:
I started hanging things up, put winter clothes in 2 bins and a suitcase, and placed all purses in a bin. I also made a "curb*alert bin (which 10 minutes upon posting a little Mexican man walked along and took). I bagged a couple of winter blankets (why were they in my closet?!) into a plastic comforter bag and put in storage. After all was done my closet now looks like this (4:00pm) :
I took all off my purses and placed them in a plastic bin, winter bags on the bottom:
Now I have a nice, orderly closets. I didn't post pics of my other closet, although I did neatly place all my winter clothes in it. I am so happy I have finally organized my ridiculous mess of a closet!! Now, if only I can make my way to Deacan's closet mayhem!! :)


  1. At least you didn't find a half eaten shirt and the chewed fabric from it in a pile in the back corner of your closet along with pieces of dog food that you knew had to have been there awhile since it was puppy food, and your dog has been eating adult food for almost a year now. Did you ever decide to wear the boots you forgot about, only to wonder why one is full of pebbles which turn out to also be puppy food? What about mummified baby mice in your kitchen junk drawer? Disorganization with the lack of rodents is pretty dang clean in my book.

  2. hahaha!! Well, you, my dear cousin, have the privilege of rural life.. I will take mummified mice as opposed crime any day.. Want to trade spaces? :)