Monday, September 5, 2011

Millions of Peaches-- Peaches to Pick:)

So, we found a fun August experience that will be put into our "book of traditions". Pick pickin' at Jones Orchard with the Jone's (no pun intended). :) We started off with a long ride (get thorough directions before your departure, as signs are not a commodity around these parts.. ha ha). Upon arrival, we enjoyed a light lunch of a salad plate consisting of produce grown throughout the Orchard (I am assuming the produce came from within, but we know what assume means, right?) and your usual suspect salads (chicken, egg, and pimento). We also enjoyed shopping at the market for fresh produce and other tasty treats..

We had a great time picking the peaches. Our big word for the day was "agriculture". The lesson for the day was
"farming is hard work" (seeing as how we got there a little past our intended time and were a bit sweaty and chigger- ridden by 1:00).. In spite of the sweat and bugs, peach pickin' was fun and we will definitely go back next year. Not to mention the yummy peach crisp and peach jam that we made using our fresh picked peaches--well worth the labor. About 2 bushels of peaches costs roughly $17. However, the experience is priceless. If you have a child, this is a "must-do".

We are looking forward to apple season--- this month:)

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  1. We live so close to there and still haven't gone. It does seem like a place where kids can learn and have fun at the same time. Your pictures remind me of a video they would show on Teletubbies.