Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hope Fall Fun Fest 2011

We had a blast at our church's (Hope) fall fun festival this Friday (Oct 21st). So much to do, not enough time!! Here are a few pics we snapped along the way..

Lots of inflatables-- this giant tiger was a favorite of Deacan's. He had to do 3 times:)

This ladder was also tons of fun. The best part was jumping off at the end!!

So glad Poppa was able to join us when he got off work. He made a cozy arm chair while we watched the Illusionist. :)

Deacan enjoyed feeding the goats and seeing Llama Llama..

Lots of fun games and candy!! Mom is already tired of picking up wrappers and it isn't even Halloween yet..

The grand finale was the firework show which was amazing!! I will go as far to say it was even much better than the ones downtown on the 4th. I so wish my camera hadn't ran out of battery power at that time. The look on Deacan's face when lit by the fireworks while being held by Poppa was priceless (and not captured on film--BOO!).

What a fun time! My only regret is not enough time for lazer tag and that stinking camera battery!! Next year I will make sure to power up that battery..


  1. Deacan is getting so tall and looks so sweet. The picture with Papa Ralphie is cute. The one that you did get of the fireworks is pretty amazing.

  2. That giant tiger looks like a three timer for sure! At least you take your camera with you to capture these things. My problem is not a dead battery; I always find myself saying, "Oh, I wish I had my camera with me."