Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to make a Spider handprint Craft (easy!)

I just love making these with Deacan and the kiddos in my class every year. They are super cute and every parent loves a handprint craft:) I look forward to seeing how much Deacan's hand will grow throughout the years. I joke that he will be 18 and I will still be saying, "time to paint your hands black our the annual Halloween
craft". haha

All you need is black paint, paper, scissors, googly eyes, and a pair of hands. Simply paint child's right hand with the paint and press onto paper. Wipe hand (or wash). Next, repeat process with left hand, layering somewhat to match "legs" on the other side of the spider. Allow time to dry.

Once completely dry, cut out spiders, turn over, and tuck thumbs over. I like to tape them down. You can also write the year on the back of the project at this time.

Now just turn it over and glue the googly eyes on. I prefer Elmer's Liquid glue over a glue stick for this. The glue stick will not hold the eyes on as well. Just wait for the glue to dry and you have a cute Halloween (or should I say "Fall Harvest") decoration to enjoy year after year.

The spideys look really fun when laced into webbing. Even better if the webbing glows in the dark!! :)


  1. I look forward to seeing those scary spideys at your place Saturday. you are sure good with that stuff.

  2. We will be making these today. Thanks for the idea. It's hard for me to commit to crafts, but this is super easy and such a keepsake. That was so funny about him turning eighteen and having to do his annual Halloween craft.

  3. We didn't have black paint, so we made a brown recluse. So scary!

  4. I love the brown recluse idea!! Next time you trim Seth's hair, sprinkle on some of it! haha..