Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Fun

We are having lots of fun this summer-- no wonder the lack of post.. We have spending mucho time at the pool, also Incredible Pizza, and working/preschooling 40 hrs per week.. That being said, I do have a few photos of the fun we have been having when we are not "punching the clock"...
Hope all of our loved ones have a fun, safe summer.. As you may have noticed I do not have my usual flat-ironed, inverted hair.. It is funky and fun-- just like summer should be:) (note to reader: I am back to the flat iron but the fun is still abundant!! :) )


  1. We need to get started on our summer fun. We are probably going to the pool this week for the first time this year. Did you take those pictures under water? If so, how? I had no idea you flat ironed your hair to get the look you usually wear. It also looks good with the Sarah Jessica Parker waves. Thanks for the summertime inspiration!

  2. Audra, y'all are welcome to come swimming anytime.. I hope you do! Deacan would love to play in the pool with Seth. Every other wkend I will have him throughout the summer and we will most likely be at the pool. :) I used an underwater Kodak camera for those but I think the disposable underwater cameras work okay. If you guys come swimming you can borrow mine and I will give you a memory card to take home w/ your pics on them. It also does neat underwater videos. So you simply must come by for a swim soon!! :)

    1. That sounds fun; you are so hospitable. Getting blocks of time free on the weekend is hard to come by since I am usually scheduled for nine hours on both days. Last year Seth and I went to the Shelby Forest pool during the week, but it would be so neat to get the little cousins together. We'll have to figure something out before the end of the summer. I didn't even know that regular citizens could get underwater cameras. Ha ha! See ya soon.