Friday, June 15, 2012

Summmer Drive*In Movie-- Just as Cool as I remembered it as a Kid!! :)

Wow!! I wanted to take Deacan to experience a drive-in movie, a bit ambivalent, myself. Boy, was I in for a treat!! The nostalgia of the Summer Drive In was so neat, and so reminiscent of fun times had there as a child. For starters, NOTHING has changed (other than sound through radio vs. the crumpety sound box). The concessions inside the pilot building were just the same (grab a tray and stroll for your fancies, pay at the end). The prices were more than reasonable. We got a medium popcorn (which was huge), corn dog, hot dog, nachos/cheese with jalapenos, and a very large drink for $17.00. The coolest part of this "adventure" was discovering we could prop open the back of my CR-V and kick it "open space style"! The thought didn't occur to me until after we were there. The entire way I was worried about how spongy my front windshield was! Once we got there, I used my noggin and propped open our swinging rear door with his stroller and bike and wah-lah*** we had a hatch*back!! So awesome!!! I backed that baby up so that we were front row and center and the good times began!! It was so much fun watching the movie in open air and open space!! Although we did get a bit chilly around 10:30ish. And the funnest part was that we did this on a school night;) Next time we go, we will bring more blankets and a couple of pillows. Other than that-- it was an absolute perfect time and even though the movie was lacking our attention (Avengers).. And we will most certainly go again on a school night!! What rebels we are!! ;)


  1. You really ought to get a kickback for this advertisement. I long for the nostalgia of the drive-in with the corn dogs and all that the old fashioned concession stand has to offer. Did the lights at the entrance still work? The back opening up looks so cozy, and I am all for rebellion on a school night. Now, if only I could talk my men folk into the experience. They just can't understand why I would want to watch a movie in the car. They just don't get it do they?

  2. Just make him go!! It will be well worth whatever you barter with.. :)