Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Day of Fun at Shelby Farms :)

What a beautiful day to spend at Shelby Farms! We started off with a very brief bike ride. Considered the paddle boats but Mommy decided it was too hot/sunny to propel solo.. Call me lazy; I call me wise:)

Next stop- the "Spidey Web".. The giant slides were a bit to hot. Deacan doesn't care much for the super cool swing area, although I think it is fun..

Next up, sand and water. If it was up to Deacs, we would stay there all day! He loves that area. My big complaint- no shade whatsoever for parents!!

That being said, it was time to get a water ice and a lemonade and head to the shady, more natural side of the park. Old school equipment and a lake-- I think we both had the most fun there:) Here are some pics we snapped along the way..

We even found some mussells. Yummy! :)

Our final stop was the horse stables. Although they no longer offer pony rides, we were able to feed the horses grass and Deac made a friend. :)

What a fun day! I don't know who had more fun-- Deacan or me:)


  1. This last photo of the horse nuzzling deacan is so sweeet. It is going right up on my wall.

  2. I have always wondered what that new playground would be like. That old one by the lake is always fun. You and Deacan have a lot of adventures together, and your photography is top notch. He will have plenty to look back on over the years. She is right about the horse nuzzling picture, and the other one looks like the horse is talking to him.

  3. HaHa about the photography being top notch!! Thank God for a digital camera-- plenty of room for error... You are too sweet, Aunt NaNa:)