Saturday, September 24, 2011

Deacan's 1st trip to the Dentist (and fun 4 that day) :)

Dude!! Thanks to CiCis Pizza's bubble gum machine-- Deacan needs major work!! Thankfully, the Bubba teeth are removable and he was able to have a fantastic check-up:)

We started off at Deacan's favorite spot: the library. So much fun reading books! We both love to read so much-- the library is a haven for us:)
Next stop, Dr. Garrett's office for his first check up/ cleaning.. We have had this appointment since February. Seeing as how this is September, I am more than thrilled to get this done. Also looking forward to seeing how his teeth are, considering all of the"special treats" he gets...

So brave and ready to go...

Seeing as how it was a special day, we decided to take the day off (no school

Deacan cleaned the teeth of a few stuffed clients on the way out

Deacan had an excellent check-up-- no cavities! Yay! I am happy to say we have brushed every night since the visit. I was very surprised he had no cavities due to the candy (and me slacking at making him brush at night!). I do not want to push our luck regarding the cavity issue...

Afterwards, we went to Michaels craft store, gave Grandma Tammy a kiss and flowers, and also had fun feeding the geese..

Last but not least, we hit Malco for Lion King 3D. SO AWESOME!! Maybe Mommy enjoyed it more than Deacan. My, the 3-D glasses have come a long way since the cardboard ones! It was actually 3-D!! So cool!!! And we were singing "Hakunnah Mattata" all the way home:) :) :)

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  1. What a perfect initiation into the dentistry fact of life! You seem to never tire of finding ways to fill Deacan's days with excitement. Congratulations on no cavities!