Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fair Fun!! "at the Agra-Chenter!!"

We had lots of fun at the fair this year. Deacan is now 42 inches (with his cowboy boots on and slightly on his tip toes). He was flabbergasted to ride better rides this year, his favorite being the Sea Dragon. I couldn't believe they allowed him on that thing but he loved it. He begged to ride it a 3rd time in a row but I thought that might be a bit much to a 4 yr old tummy!! His other fav: the haunted house. Guess he takes after his mommy somewhat:) He also loved the fun house, which he perused 6 times. Here are a few photos we snapped along the way...

Pony Ride!

The "human hamster wheel" was a blast! Deacan had a hard time getting it to really roll so Mommy got it and we rocked the casbah! It was quite a workout but so much fun!

Deacan was awesome at the games. He hit 3 balloons to win a light saber. He also won another light saber and a stuffed animal along the way.

We always enjoy the petting zoo. Although it is a bit sad..

Kiddie rides-- a bit boring.. but it's better than going home and going to bed on a school night!

That was so much fun! Deacan is already wanting to go back again. We had a blast. Although next year we will NOT see the 29 inch woman!! That one made Mommy lose serious sleep..

Wish I had taken some pics of the yummy fair food we ate. We had a corn dog, Italian sausage po boy, pork chops, and a funnel cake. All fair-alicious!! Best washed down with a $1 4-H sweet tea:)


  1. He's growing up so fast and is so brave to want to ride the big rides. I can't believe how clear your camera takes pictures. We stayed until 1:00a.m. to outlast the crowd and never ending lines the night we went. I wish I could go to a fair and ride the ring of fire once a month. Audra

  2. LOL at the title!! Glad y'all had a fun night!